"I use it on the windows at our rental cabins in the mountains, which are a serious pain in the butt to clean the outside. We had all the windows washed on both cabins in about 5 minutes."

- Lisa F.

A faster, safer way to clean.

Product Features

Chenille Microfiber Window Washer

Chenille Microfiber Window Washer

The chenille microfiber window scrubber removes tough dirt and grime, leaving behind sparkling clear windows. Easily remove the velcro-attached window scrubber to wash and dry it to ensure it's clean and ready for next time. 

Rotate-Lock Handle for Angled Washing

Rotate-Lock Handle for Angled Washing

The rotate-lock handle enables the squeegee and scrubber to be used at any side angle in relation to the handle or pole.

This enables the device to adapt to angled windows and panes to provide the most effective and efficient window cleaning experience. 

Streak free window Squeegee

3 Streak-free Window Squeegees

DocaPole squeegees have been designed and tested for clean, streak-free windows. We include three sizes of blades (10", 12" and 14") that are easily interchangeable.

Wash windows like a pro.

When dust, dirt, and other debris attach to the exterior side of your windows, your view is obscured and your home feels less than perfect. It's easy enough to reach and clean first-story windows, but second-story windows and those higher can prove to be a challenge.

Window cleaning extension poles are a simple and safe alternative to ladders and climbing. A breeze or unsteady ground can shift the ladder and lead to injury.

It’s safer to eliminate the hazards of climbing ladders by using window cleaning extension poles. You get the same results faster and without the risk. Clean your home and protect yourself at the same time with DocaPole window cleaning poles.