About Us

Professional reach for personal projects. 

DocaPole is an American brand featuring high-quality extension poles and attachments. Our goal is to make tough tasks safer and easier for you.

The DocaPole is a lightweight, aluminum extension pole optimized for the durability required from professionals as well as the versatility needed for DIY applications. We offer our extension pole in four sizes.

Our pole design was rigorously tested against competitor poles for optimal tensile strength at full extension. And further refinements have been made for safety, durability, and simple storage. Send us an email at support@docadone.com if you ever need help or have a question, and we’ll find a timely solution.

Doca was founded in the heart of Tennessee, and we give back to our home community. We partner with Advance Memphis to manage our warehouse and alleviate unemployment. Every DocaPole purchased helps a resident find economic stability. Learn more at https://www.advancememphis.org/mission-vision.