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Ultimate Car & RV Wash Kit

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Extension Pole & soft brush, car squeegee, cleaning head, and wash mitts

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Product Details

Featuring the DocaPole 5-12’ extension pole + 5-sided soft bristle scrub brush, classic car window squeegee/scrubber, chenille microfiber all-purpose cleaning head, and a pair of chenille microfiber car wash mitts for interior and exterior cleaning — everything you need to make your car, truck, RV, trailer, boat, or SUV shine. With up to 18 feet of reach, no surface will go uncleaned.


  • DocaPole included (excluding Attachment Only option)
  • 10” Soft Bristle Brush
  • 15” net-wrapped foam Squeegee Scrubber
  • Chenille Microfiber cloth
  • Two Wash Mitts
  • 100% DocaPole Guarantee

Product Features

Soft Brush

Soft Brush

Textured or “flocked” soft bristles prevent the scrub brush from scratching cleaning surfaces. The soft bristles also function as an excellent duster brush for sweeping off the deck or as a cobweb duster for removing cobwebs from tight corners and nooks.

Car and auto Squeegee

Car Squeegee

Net-wrapped foam scrubber for window washing and a nearly 15” streak-free squeegee to ensure your windows stay clean, clear, and streak-free. Increase the effectiveness and longevity of your windshield wipers by keeping your car's glass clean.

Car Wash Mitts

Car Wash Mitts

Perfect for both exterior detail work and interior dusting, apply targeted pressure on difficult-to-remove dirt. Clean awkward and uneven surfaces such as door handles, A/C vents, side-view mirrors, rear-view mirror, dashboard, stereo controls, and cupholders.

Cleaning Head

Cleaning Head

Use by hand or on the long handled telescopic pole to wash windshields, windows, and other surfaces where non-brush cleaners are preferred. The cleaning cloth is easily removable and machine-washable. 



Our aluminum extension pole features a metal universal threaded tip for use with job-specific attachments. Extend your pole to reach and retract for storage. The DocaPole was rigorously tested for safety and rigidity at full extension. 

100% DocaPole Guarantee

100% DocaPole Guarantee

At DocaPole, we stand by all our extension poles and attachments as the best on the market. We have a 100% guarantee and offer easy-to-access phone support and customer service to all our customers.