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DocaGrip Single Pivot Window Squeegee Scrubber Kit

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Modular Extension Pole & Single-Pivot Squeegee Scrubber

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Product Details

Get a better grip on every clean. The DocaPole Single-Pivot Squeegee kit is the perfect window cleaning tool for washing hard-to-reach home and auto windows. A net-wrapped foam scrubber and a 15” squeegee attached to a DocaPole ensure your windows stay clean, clear, and streak-free. Now, you can easily wipe the grime that prevents visibility and sunlight from brightening your space.


  • DocaGrip Pole included (excluding Attachment Only option)
  • 3 Blade sizes: 10”, 12”, 14”
  • Removable and Washable cleaning cloth
  • 180° multi-angle hinge tip included
  • 100% DocaPole Guarantee

Product Features

Streak free window Squeegee

3 Streak-free Window Squeegees

DocaPole squeegees have been designed and tested for clean, streak-free windows. We include three sizes of blades (10", 12" and 14") that are easily interchangeable.

2-Way Rotation

2-Way Rotation

Allows the squeegee or scrubber to rotate side to side and forward and backward, locking into place at the best angle to reach over windowsills and maximize moisture and water removal. Ideal for non-standard windows and windows above outcropping windowsills or ledges.

Chenille Microfiber Window Washer

Chenille Microfiber Window Washer

The chenille microfiber window scrubber removes tough dirt and grime, leaving behind sparkling clear windows. Easily remove the velcro-attached window scrubber to wash and dry it to ensure it's clean and ready for next time. 

DocaGrip Extension Pole

DocaGrip Extension Pole

Our lightest and most convenient solution to projects around the home. Five easily connected segments for customizable lengths to fit any project need. An optional ergonomic grip allows comfortable use for long periods. A metal universal threaded tip for use with job-specific attachments.