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Ultimate 3 Brush Kit

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Extension Pole & Soft, Medium and Hard Bristle Brushes

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Product Details

The DocaPole 3 Brush Kit has the brush you need to get the job done right. The medium and hard bristle brushes have protective rubber bumpers to safeguard delicate adjacent surfaces. The soft brush is surrounded by bristles on 5 sides to both protect and optimize surface area coverage over a wide variety of scrubbing tasks.


  • DocaPole included (excluding Attachment Only option)
  • Three 10” Brushes: Soft, Medium, and Hard Bristles
  • Rubber Bumper protection
  • Dry and Wet use
  • 100% DocaPole Guarantee

Product Features

Soft Brush

Soft Brush

Textured or “flocked” soft bristles prevent the scrub brush from scratching cleaning surfaces. The soft bristles also function as an excellent duster brush for sweeping off the deck or as a cobweb duster for removing cobwebs from tight corners and nooks.

Medium Brush

Medium Brush

The DocaPole Medium Bristle Brush is the most universal, do-it-all brush we offer. It's perfect for nearly every brush job with the exception of those requiring the softest or most rigid of bristles. A rubber protective bumper encircles the brush head ensuring cleaning surfaces stay protected during use.

Hard Brush

Hard Brush

Use the hard brush with soap and water to wash aluminum, composite, or wood siding, and to scrub your deck, patio, garage, or tile floors. Alternatively, keep the brush dry to use it as a push broom or heavy duty duster to sweep off the driveway, walkway, porch, sidewalk, or entry way.

Rubber Bumper Protection

Rubber Bumper Protection

A rubber protective bumper encircles the brush head to protect surfaces from the hard plastic of the base during use. Scrub with confidence while protecting exterior paint on siding, decks, patios, and other surrounding delicate surfaces.



Our aluminum extension pole features a metal universal threaded tip for use with job-specific attachments. Extend your pole to reach and retract for storage. The DocaPole was rigorously tested for safety and rigidity at full extension. 

100% DocaPole Guarantee

100% DocaPole Guarantee

At DocaPole, we stand by all our extension poles and attachments as the best on the market. We have a 100% guarantee and offer easy-to-access phone support and customer service to all our customers.