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Customer Reviews

"Wow, great saw!! I'm a 64 yr old female, I live on 48 acres with a long drive. I needed to trim some limbs over the drive without climbing on a ladder with a chainsaw. This is perfect! It's lightweight and has a sharp blade that makes quick work of sawing them off."

- Susan

Cut the climb, reach the top.

Product Features

Razor Sharp Teeth

Razor Sharp Teeth

3-sided taper-ground tooth design. Bi-directional cutting for efficiency.

Stainless Bolts

Stainless Bolts

Spare blades are available and easily replaced. Simply loosen the two mounting bolts (with convenient inset, non-spinning nuts).
Locking Screw

Locking Screw

Secure-fit Phillip's head locking screw can be tightened down to prevent the tool from spinning at the end of the pole.

Sharper, safer, and faster.

There’s never a bad time to break out the DocaPole GoSaw and clear out dead, damaged, or diseased branches from your yard. Pruning will filter more light and air throughout the tree to increase foliage and fight disease. You can even use the GoSaw by hand to remove lower branches. For example, suckers and water sprouts at the base of your tree can steal nutrients from the main tree. Clearing the base and main trunk of your tree creates a dominant, leader tree that can withstand winter storms and high winds. Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to prune your tree to its full strength. Grab a GoSaw and make light work out of tree trimming.