Doca's suction cup bulb changer

A Bright Idea: Change Your Lights with an Extension Pole

Switching out light bulbs is one of the most likely tasks to be ignored — unless you have an extension pole. Whether you need to change a burnt-out bulb in your dining room or replace a floodlight on the exterior of your home, a light bulb changer on an extension pole eases the process and eliminates potential hazards.

Get your light to shine without the climb.

Changing lights often requires ladders to reach hard-to-access areas. This poses a problem because of the likelihood of injury sustained from ladders, whether you slip and fall off the rungs or the ladder loses stability. With a light bulb changer extension pole, you can retire ladders in favor of something safer, more convenient, and easier to store.

Bulb changing with the Docapole has never been easier

Doca offers two types of bulb changers, a suction cup option, and a cage-style option. The suction cup option is ideal for flat-faced bulbs, like recessed lights or outdoor flood lights. The key to any suction cup light bulb changer is the quality of the suction cup - the DocaPole Light Bulb Changer features a premium silicone suction cup made and patented in the U.S. It also uses a stainless steel locking pin through the base of the suction cup to keep the suction cup from spinning during use.

The cage-style changer is ideal for non-recessed lights. Adjustable gentle-touch silicone “grabbers” or touch points cover the eight steel spring fingers to ensure the tool gets a positive yet gentle grip on the bulb. You can also slide the silicone pads up or down to accommodate different bulb shapes (not for use in tight enclosures or with smaller incandescent bulbs like chandelier bulbs). Both changers feature stainless steel thumb bolts and nut hardware that secure the tool onto the pole tip ensuring they don’t unscrew during use.

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