Trim like a pro from a safe distance

7 Pro Tips for Tree Trimming with The Doca GoSaw

There’s never a bad time to break out the DocaPole GoSaw and clear out dead, damaged, or diseased branches from your yard. Pruning will filter more light and air throughout the tree to increase foliage and fight disease. You can even use the GoSaw by hand to remove lower branches. For example, suckers and water sprouts at the base of your tree can steal nutrients from the main tree. Clearing the base and main trunk of your tree creates a dominant, leader tree that can withstand winter storms and high winds. Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to prune your tree to its full strength. Here are 7 tips to help you use your GoSaw like a pro.
Here's to trimming your trees ladder-free. 
  1. Be safe. Always wear gloves and eye protection, and watch for falling branches. 
  1. Extend and use the lower pole segments first if full extension is not required. These segments are thicker and stronger and will provide the best sawing experience.
  2. To minimize pole bend when not using at full extension, leave about 6” of overlap between pole segments by not extending them all the way.
  3. Let the GoSaw's sharp teeth do the work. Focus on the saw's up and down motion and not on trying to press the saw into the wood.
  4. Only screw the GoSaw onto the pole’s metal tip. Some poles come with a separate plastic hinge tip. This plastic tip is perfect for use with cleaning attachments but is not intended for tree pruning.
  5. After screwing the GoSaw onto the pole, use a screwdriver to tighten the locking screw at the base of the GoSaw. This will further secure the GoSaw onto the end of the pole.
  6. If any pole segments begin to slip, use a screwdriver to tighten the locking clasps on the pole. These can be adjusted as needed to increase or reduce tension.

Here’s to trimming your trees ladder-free. Take before and after photos of you and your DocaPole GoSaw in action, hashtag #DocaDone, and we’ll feature your work to help others get their to-dos done.