Reach new heights of clean with a DocaPole

3 Reasons You Need an Extension Pole

Stay off the ladder. Stay safe. Get the job done. Our sturdy, lightweight aluminum extension poles simplify hard-to-reach tasks by making them less intimidating and less effort. So whether you want to save time or not have to bend awkwardly and move furniture (or a ladder), here are three reasons you won’t regret adding a DocaPole to your set of tools.

Get the job done safely. 

  1. Length - You can get a DocaPole in four different lengths: 6’, 12’, 24’, and 30’. No other pole begins so short to extend so long. Whether you’re picking fruit, raking your roof, or dusting your ceiling, reaching the most intricate or tight job is simple. Poles extend smoothly and easily—even while vertical. After the job is done, the pole easily retracts down to 5, 6, or 7 feet. This makes transporting and storage a breeze. You'll be able to access more jobs without sacrificing safety or convenience.
  2. Multi-use - What you can do with a DocaPole is only limited by your imagination. The top of the pole features a universal-threaded tip that’s double-riveted for durability and compatible with a never-ending list of Doca attachments. Switching from one job to another is as simple as unscrewing (by hand) one attachment and screwing on another. Aside from dusting and cleaning attachments for your car or home, you can attach a go-pro to get a better view of debris on your roof or use the hook attachment to dock your boat or string lights around your home. There’s even a fruit-picker attachment. We love seeing the different ways people use a Docapole to get tough jobs done quickly and efficiently. Check out our hashtag #DocaDone to see how others are using their DocaPole. 
  3. Superior Value - DocaPole is a lightweight, aluminum pole optimized for the durability required from professionals as well as the longevity needed for DIY applications. Our pole design was rigorously tested against competitor poles for optimal tensile strength at full extension. And further refinements were made for safety, durability, and simple storage. If you ever need help or have a question, send us an email describing your issue, and we’ll find a timely solution.